Monday, 23 February 2009

Helping a Friend

Today started different i came on late because i was Playing PS3: Call Of Duty 5 online it was really fun i was owning a lot of people even got myself to level 28, but then i thought hmmmmm let me check MM then when i logged in Zakun asked me to help him train in sinan so i did but before helping him i saw a ninjagirl and thought let me see if i can kill it and guess what i did =D, soon after i hear artanis is at 98% to level 100 so i go to see him i also helped him out a bit gave him another core boost cuz i'm such a friendly guy towards my friends and guild mates

This is me and artanis killing the gatetodeath it was pretty long for artanis to kill it but with my help we killed about 3-4 of them which gave him 108k exp this was really good for him because he would be able to level up qicker, i like helping my friend and if it means them becoming level 100 thats even better, it was along road level 99 to 100 i remember my past it took me forever to level but i had help from my friends so it was my way of saying thank you to all of them by passing on their helping hands and helping my good friend artanis =D well done bro your finally level 100 time to get to 110 XD that would be even better right? you want more help lol.

Thats me killing the ninjagirl with FireDuke, Fairudo and Gunsmash (i had saruff,griffin and snowball aswell)

This is when the ninjagirl died i think the amount of exp i got with the premium mark was 190k+

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