Monday, 23 February 2009

Helping a Friend

Today started different i came on late because i was Playing PS3: Call Of Duty 5 online it was really fun i was owning a lot of people even got myself to level 28, but then i thought hmmmmm let me check MM then when i logged in Zakun asked me to help him train in sinan so i did but before helping him i saw a ninjagirl and thought let me see if i can kill it and guess what i did =D, soon after i hear artanis is at 98% to level 100 so i go to see him i also helped him out a bit gave him another core boost cuz i'm such a friendly guy towards my friends and guild mates

This is me and artanis killing the gatetodeath it was pretty long for artanis to kill it but with my help we killed about 3-4 of them which gave him 108k exp this was really good for him because he would be able to level up qicker, i like helping my friend and if it means them becoming level 100 thats even better, it was along road level 99 to 100 i remember my past it took me forever to level but i had help from my friends so it was my way of saying thank you to all of them by passing on their helping hands and helping my good friend artanis =D well done bro your finally level 100 time to get to 110 XD that would be even better right? you want more help lol.

Thats me killing the ninjagirl with FireDuke, Fairudo and Gunsmash (i had saruff,griffin and snowball aswell)

This is when the ninjagirl died i think the amount of exp i got with the premium mark was 190k+

Sunday, 22 February 2009

22 February 2009

Well today start off as a normal day but was kinda boring, so i thought i would give mixing a try so i bought a WingCrusher and a Dashabell then bought some EC1 enchant items, i thought i would fail mixing because i have no master mixing levels yet but i got sucess i made a Powerfull MintClaw Level 73.

Here's the result of my mixing sucess MintClaw.

LOL no master on any mixing level how did i mix a mintclaw and get sucess with this kind of mixing level?

After mixing the mintclaw i got bored so i asked a good friend called Rakion to come take a few screenshots with me and here they are.

Me and Rakion in prumai =D

Saturday, 21 February 2009


How it all started.......

Well i started playing mixmasters along time ago i think its been 2 years since i started playing mixmasters, way back in the day i was really confused about how to play mixmasters but their was loads of friendly people back then willing to help noobs out.

This is me now with blue hair =D

The first guild i ever joined was Fantasy but it just wasnt good enough for me i wanted more i wanted a guild who was friendly and helpful so i ended up joining Shinigami i spent a year in that guild we had ups and downs at points but the thing i liked about Shinigami they was always friendly, there was some really great people in that guild like Hunter (GM of shinigami), Archimonde, Hegel, IchyPeachy, xxjinxx and syto there was lots more who helped me out and i helped them out to. After Shinigami members started to leave the game the guild started to break so syto formed his own guild called Shikigami which i joined and became the GM of this was when he left to join TheDarkSide (tds) but this didnt last long then i was guildless for a few months and now i have joined the [DeathEaters].

Shinigami was the best times of MM training and having fun also taking screenshots with everyone, when i used to train from level 60 - 90 i would borrow cores from Archimonde, Hegel, IchyPeachy and syto and train them so that they could be mixed these were great times, we would hunt and train together to help each other level and get better but saddly as time passed on so did others people left for the real world to continue with school and work.

Siege Affair (S.A) these were the best when potions were never used to heal the gate everyone would run in and try to get to the mixer but we held them off and protected our guild leader when mixing, sometimes we had different mixers so that the other guilds wouldn't know who was going to mix, these were great because everyone got along and just had fun but these days all they do is heal the gate, i think that Fantasy are scared of the new guilds taking the castles from them because with out it they know that their nothing.

I have to say thank you to a lot of people for helping me Level from level 99 to 100, first off syto, Archimonde, Hegel and macadamia all these people helped me level from 99 to 100 it was a long road but we got their in the end and now i'm level 122
but as you can see on the lable it says that im level 120 this is due to the system still not being updated, Rank 20 i remember being Rank 30 level 111 this was not to long ago aswell.

Mixmall one of my favorite places in the game reason being you buy LC's via paypal and then you can buy special items that will help you along the way leveling up, hunting cores, getting special armour and even changing your hair colour.

Premium Mark helps level the player and cores faster also increases core drop rates, item drop rate and GP increase.

Core Boost this gives a 3x increase on core drops.

Cursed Premium Mark gives 2.5x the normal exp from killing a core, 6x normal drop rate for core, 4x increase item drop and 2.5x increase GP.

These are known as soul armour they protect you from being attack by monsters straight away there are loads more soul armours to choose from.

Hair dyes the change the colour of the persons hair there are loads more colours to choose from.

These are the new high level weapons for each char Ifrit Sword=Ditt, Quake Knuckle=Jin, Sylphid Bow=Penril and Nix Tear Gun=Phoy

Quest Core

When i first came back to MM i was really suprised with everything because it was all new, then i learnt about Quest Cores each char has their very own special core but the road for this core was long...........

First off i had to get 10 battledragon horns this took hours to get 10 to drop.

The white little Foxy is the start of the quest core for the jin char, the little red noa is the start of the ditt char.

soon after getting this core i had reached its 2nd stage.
Then came the final quest for the core and at the end this is what the core turned out as a Five Tailed Fox.

This is the final stage.



Today was the first day we have our event, at first everyone thought that it wouldn't take place because not enough people was on but we ended up doing the event anyway.

The Hide&Seek event created by me, Both me and syto GM of guild was the people who we're hiding, it was really fun because syto thought that no one would find him straight away and kadaj47 did then next it was me i thought that no one would find me then syto found me soon after yugimotto found me he won the armour prize, we started the 2nd round of the event same thing happened again syto was found first by kadaj47 then soon after SONIC found me lucky guy he got the core armour prize, but saddly MM has another problem with the log in system so the event had to be stopped but will be continued after the log in problem.

it was really cool because even though there wasn't a lot of people online from our guild we still had a lot of fun.

This was the start of the event, everyone gathered at Mekrita bank to start the event off soon after everyone went to fbz so that both me and syto could find hiding places.